Posted in Hoops by minoroots on 11/12/2008

Who was it that said “Trevor Ariza is quickly becoming my favorite player on the Lakers” the other day? Oh, right, it was me.

Copyright 2008 NBAE (Photo by Tim Heitman/NBAE via Getty Images)

Copyright 2008 NBAE (Photo by Tim Heitman/NBAE via Getty Images)

Please excuse my man-crush moment for a minute.

Ariza was so influential to the game last night–there were so many instances that his hustle and athletecism alone kept the team in the game, helped get the lead back, and preserved the victory for the Lakers (with a massive block on Jerry Stackhouse’s 3-point attempt in the final minute of the game).

He does the little things in the game–getting into passing lanes, blocking or altering shots, on-ball steals, help-side D, weak-side rebounds, tip-ins, tip-dunks, keeping the ball alive, throwing it down with a vengeance. All that combined with his improved outside shooting? I think we’re seeing a alternate version of the ’97 Eddie Jones here.

For years, I’ve been looking for a Laker worthy of the #3 they carry on their back, since Sedale “The Theif” Threatt donned the number back in the early 90’s. Deaven George? Not my guy. Von Wafer? All potential, no results. (Von actually wore #23. Oops.) Shammond Williams? Shammond Who? Did he ever even start for the Lakers? (He didn’t)

Time to go get myself an Ariza jersey. (Please don’t get traded as soon as I get it…)


LOL at Sasha’s attempted chest-bump after Ariza’s dunk: FAIL

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