Merry Christmas!

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A holiday gift for all hoops heads:

12/25/08, Celtics @ Lakers

12/25/08, Celtics (27-2) @ Lakers (23-5), 2pm PST

Couple of side-notes that adds to the intruigue of this game:

  • The debut of a healthy Bynum & Ariza alongside Pau. I want to see Drew drop an alley-oop facial on KG, and swat the crap out of a Leon Powe dunk attempt.
  • Boston comes into Staples riding a Club-record 19 straight victories, and a League record 27-2 start. They are HOT.
  • Lakers bounced back from 5+ lethargic performances to trash the Hornets last night. Last night, they played a quick, trapping, gritty defense that allowed just 37 points in the first half. However, before yesterday’s game, they conceded over 100 points in disappointing defeats to the Magic and the lowly Heat. Which LA team will show up on Christmas Day?
  • PG matchup: Rajon Rondo, playing at a semi-All-Star level this year vs. old but still crafty veteran D-Fish… coupled with the knee injury to Jordan Farmar rendering him unavailable for this game. Can Sasha help fill the void in the LA back court? I think whoever wins the battle at the point will win the game.
  • Paul Pierce’s offense vs. Trevor Ariza’s defense. I’m going out on a limb and predicting Ariza locks down Pierce for less than 15 points.
  • KG’s gonna do something crazy to embarass others (and himself). Maybe the refs will grow some balls and hit him with a”‘T” this time.
  • The Machine.
  • Which Kobe shows up? Gunnin’ from the get-go, 40+ ppg Kobe, or facilitator -> take over in the 4th Kobe? Doesn’t matter, as long as the Lakers come up with the W.

Laker victory will be the best gift of all this Christmas! GO LAKERS.



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John Legend in Stephen Colbert’s Christmas special:


tis the season

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So much for constant updating… but,

Happy holidays! December has always been my favorite month, with winter break paid time off + cooler weather + basketball season in full-swing + christmas + birthday + new years eve. Consequent side effects include relaxation + snow + snowboarding + hoops craze + gift giving+ plesantries & festive people everywhere. Net effect is smiles, smiles, smiles.

Twitter is in lateley, as is Delicious. Thanks to @ajlowe, @initial_dean, and @jarett for opening my eyes into this whole new world of micro-updating.

First thing showed up when I google image searched tis the season

First thing showed up when I google image searched "tis the season"

Quiz: Name all 30 NBA teams in 3 minutes. I got 29/30. According to me, the Wizards don’t exist. And I can’t spell “Cavaliers”

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Lakers on a roll

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14-1, and no signs of stopping. They’re playing real good basketball right now, and it makes me feel like this:

via Jones on the NBA

via "Jones on the NBA"... AWESOME!

Check out some highlights from last night’s game vs. Raptors:

  • Air-Vlade? Yessir.
  • Farmar’s hop-step layup. I can never tell whether or not that’s considered traveling. By the rule book, I think it should be traveling… but it looks oh so good.
  • Bynum rebound and a full court zip to Lamar, followed by LO’s unselfishness (and likely a better decision, judging by the angle and how fast he was running) to flip a no-look pass to Ariza for a dunk instead of taking it up himself. THAT’s a great fast-break.
  • The Machine taking it to the hole! WHAT? NOT A THREE?? Great move.
  • Farmar puts it into another gear when he literally BLOWS by Jose Calderon for a semi-fast break layup. If he was that quick back in ’06, UCLA would have a banner.
  • BONUS, from the Dallas game: Pau’s extra bounce-pass to Bynum on for a quick fast-break dunk… man, most GUARDS in the NBA won’t be able to make that pass. THAT’s good basketball.