Lakers on a roll

Posted in Lakers by minoroots on 12/01/2008

14-1, and no signs of stopping. They’re playing real good basketball right now, and it makes me feel like this:

via Jones on the NBA

via "Jones on the NBA"... AWESOME!

Check out some highlights from last night’s game vs. Raptors:

  • Air-Vlade? Yessir.
  • Farmar’s hop-step layup. I can never tell whether or not that’s considered traveling. By the rule book, I think it should be traveling… but it looks oh so good.
  • Bynum rebound and a full court zip to Lamar, followed by LO’s unselfishness (and likely a better decision, judging by the angle and how fast he was running) to flip a no-look pass to Ariza for a dunk instead of taking it up himself. THAT’s a great fast-break.
  • The Machine taking it to the hole! WHAT? NOT A THREE?? Great move.
  • Farmar puts it into another gear when he literally BLOWS by Jose Calderon for a semi-fast break layup. If he was that quick back in ’06, UCLA would have a banner.
  • BONUS, from the Dallas game: Pau’s extra bounce-pass to Bynum on for a quick fast-break dunk… man, most GUARDS in the NBA won’t be able to make that pass. THAT’s good basketball.

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