tis the season

Posted in General, Thoughts by minoroots on 12/15/2008

So much for constant updating… but,

Happy holidays! December has always been my favorite month, with winter break paid time off + cooler weather + basketball season in full-swing + christmas + birthday + new years eve. Consequent side effects include relaxation + snow + snowboarding + hoops craze + gift giving+ plesantries & festive people everywhere. Net effect is smiles, smiles, smiles.

Twitter is in lateley, as is Delicious. Thanks to @ajlowe, @initial_dean, and @jarett for opening my eyes into this whole new world of micro-updating.

First thing showed up when I google image searched tis the season

First thing showed up when I google image searched "tis the season"

Quiz: Name all 30 NBA teams in 3 minutes. I got 29/30. According to me, the Wizards don’t exist. And I can’t spell “Cavaliers”

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  1. bearsuits said, on 12/16/2008 at 10:10 pm

    yeah- i love twitter and delicious. i’m almost tempted to start a tumblr too, but i figure i’ll just implement that into regular blogging. do i… sound like a nerd?

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