NBA Trades

Posted in Hoops, Lakers by minoroots on 02/19/2009

Tyson Chandler was traded from the New Orleans Hornets to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Or so we thought.

Tyson failed his physical and the trade was rescinded, causing an awkward situation for all parties involved (Chandler, Chris Wilcox, Joe Smith, management for both teams trying to explain, “Well we actually really didn’t want to trade you away…”).

UPDATE: OKC is quick to act, as they’ve already re-traded Wilcox to the Knicks for Malik Rose. Wow, that was fast. I guess they didn’t want to make that explanation to him…

Then I found out that Tyson Chandler is on twitter, and he had this to say yesterday morning (before the trade cancellation):

I want 2 thank All my fans in the N.O… We had a great run I love & will miss you all!!!”

“Okc….I’m back!!!! I’m looking foward 2 helping get this franchise back were we belong !!! See you at the top!!

I wonder what his next post is going to say…

Side note on the Lakers: Chris Mihm traded sent off to Memphis for a “very conditional” second-round pick in 2013. So long, 7-foot Jack Sheppard.


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