Heat Check

Posted in Hoops, Thoughts, Video by minoroots on 02/23/2009

According to Basketbawful,

heat check (heet chek) noun. An occasion on which a basketball player takes a questionable (i.e., bad) shot in order to determine how “hot” he is, usually after hitting several shots in a row.

Usage example: After hitting on his last six shots, Paul Pierce did a heat check by launching an off-balance 25-footer with a defender in his face.

However, the rules of convention, society, and physics do not apply to the beast that is LeBron James.

Check out what he did this past Saturday. The types of shots he was throwing up can only be described as of the heat-check variety–yes, his shot selections were definitely “questionable” at best, consisting of long jumpers early in the shot clock, heavily contested 3-point shots, and outright ridiculous 35-footers in transition.

But the results were ASTOUNDING.

Aside from his two missed free-throws (the second of which led to an offensive rebound and an eventual 3-pointer for himself), he hit 6 of 6 from the field, 4 of 4 from beyond the arc, totaling 16 points within 2 minutes to turn a 6-point deficit into an 8-point lead to open the 3rd quarter. Cleveland would win the game, 111-103, and LeBron finished with a stat line of 55 points, 9 assists, and 5 rebounds. He hit 8 threes.

You really have to see this to believe it:

Effing crazy.

Hooped at Wooden yesterday. Adam Sandler’s been at the gym for the past 2-3 weeks. I guess he’s on break in between movies. Question: why does he always wear sweat pants? Seems it would be so hot to run around in those…

“TEAM BLUE & Kai” (Seximura, Caps, Muraders, Kai, me) tore it up… lost our first game but we ran off 6-straight wins after that. 7 straight games of basketball is NOT good for your body, especially if you’re working more (i.e. sitting on your butt, staring at computer screens) and playing basketball less (actually, not at all) during the week. I shall spend my next 2 days recovering…

Can’t say I didn’t have fun though. I admit, playing well as a team + playing well individually + winning > pain + regret. Great work, team blue + Kai.

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