Yao & Artest

Posted in Funny, Hoops, Opinion, Thoughts, Video by minoroots on 05/01/2009

Post-game interview video w/ Yao Ming and Ron Artest of the Houston Rockets, after dismissing the Portland Trailblazers from the playoffs, 4-2. Yao’s English keeps getting better and better—much more refreshing than the many Japanese MLB players who seem to refuse to learn English (save for a few of them) or always resort to using interpreters. I especially enjoyed Artest’s reaction to the “in the stands again” moment:

I like Artest’s honesty & humor in his reaction to the reporters’ question (“I was gonna take a sip, there were too many cameras”), as well as his wish for Rockets fans to stay classy and his lack of satisfaction from merely getting past the first round—all which seemed very sincere and genuine. I feel like I’ve seen flashes of “Ron-ron: actually a pretty good guy” a lot these past few seasons since the incident at the Palace in Auburn Hills. I still think he’s a knucklehead (especially for quotes like this, but maaaybe he’s being honest here, too), but it’s refreshing to see this sort of “real” answering of questions in this era of “political correctness” that we see from so many of our star athletes.

Oh yea, it reminded me of this blog post by former Laker Mark Madsen (Mad Dog!) a few weeks ago. Excerpt:

“How’s Corey Brewer doing?”  Corey had just suffered a season ending injury and Ron wanted me to pass along to Corey that he hoped Corey’s recovery went well.

Then two nights ago in Minnesota some friends of mine came to the game and wanted to the chance to meet Artest and take some pictures with him. (and Yao Ming of course also).  While Ron was shaking hands and meeting my friends his main focus at first was asking me how Al Jefferson was holding up after Al’s own season ending knee injury.

To me it just kind of shows what’s inside of Ron.  On both ocasions, the first thoughts Ron is having are about other people and what they are going through.

Well before it seems like i’m gushing about Ron Artest… let it be known… none of this will matter come Monday. The Rockets are going to suffer the wrath of Mamba & Co. Time for Bynum to grow up quickly vs Yao. I bet Kobe would be irritated by that Artest quote on Brandon Roy, and come up with a 50+ game sometime during the series.

Prediction: Lakers in 5.


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