WTF Lakers?

Posted in Lakers, Opinion by minoroots on 05/15/2009


I don’t like this whole “well boston went 7 games twice last year” excuse from the Lakers.You should be better than that.

Sasha Vujacic, on last night’s lackluster Game 6 loss to the Rockets:

“Let’s not forget that last year in Boston, two series they played seven games and they won the games. So, I wouldn’t panic right now. I wouldn’t throw anything away. I think it’s a good test, an amazing test for us.”

“I wouldn’t panic right now”?? SHOW SOME PASSION (actually, first of all, MAKE SOME SHOTS. Why do you think Mitch & Jerry are paying you for? Your dramatizing of ‘phantom’ fouls? No). Get pissed off, show some disappointment… I know you’re “The Machine” and all, but SHOW ME SOME KIND OF EMOTION. Take the loss to heart, THEN get over it and gather your focus for the next game—instead of simply dismissing the loss entirely!

The best Coach Phil Jackson, still looking for silver linings on this tornado that just popped up on the horizon, could come up with was, “I’m looking forward to Sunday’s game.” (LA Times)

I’m not buying this notion of “we’re keeping it cool on the outside, but there’s a fire inside that you can’t see”… If the Lakers really had this fire inside, the series would’ve ended last night in Houston. Hell, it SHOULD have been over in 5 games.

Chick Hearn would not have stood for any of this. He’d tell the team, “C’mon Lakers, you’re playing like dogs!“—and the team would respond to Chick and win the game ( and apparently, Phil doesn’t garner the same type of respect from his players).


“You know what, you’ve got to just grind these things out, man,” he said. “We could be playing much better on a more consistent basis.

“The key now is to win, by any means necessary.”

Right, captain obvious. And a player of your calibur couldn’t figure this out 3 games ago, and tell your team to follow suit, since you’re the ‘leader’ and all?

This is probably the one of the few times in my life I’m going to side with TJ Simers. Get it together, Lakers. And get rid of your Hollywood bravado. It’s so TMZ, I hate it. Take some notes from Shane Battier.

Vent. Done. Go Lakers Game 7!!


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  1. themanoftoday said, on 05/15/2009 at 11:37 am

    Kobe is going to drop 45 in Game 7 en route to a 15 point win for the Lakers. Unless of course he coughs on Artest or Battier, for which he will get ejected.

  2. themanoftoday said, on 05/15/2009 at 11:38 am

    By the way check out my blog at http://themanoftoday.wordpress.com for an article about the terrible officiating in this series.

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