It’s a Fast-Paced World

Posted in Lakers, Thoughts by minoroots on 07/06/2009

Well, so much for my Trevor Ariza header.

Things change quickly in the NBA, especially during FA signings, and I’m sad to see Ariza go. When official signings open up this Wednesday, Ariza will be headed to Houston and the Lakers will have Ron Artest.

Ariza really represented #3 well on the Lakers, and I was living vicariously through him and Farmar as the LA-born, LA-raised, UCLA kids that made it all the way to the hometown Lakers team. And be a darn good player to boot, making key contributions in the ’09 championship run and winning the hearts and admiration of fellow Angelinos. Seriously, I really don’t think it gets any better than this.

But alas, the NBA is a business, and loyalty only goes so far. My feeling is that Ariza’s agent, David Lee, really screwed this one up… but who knows what the real story is. Lee insists that LA never gave Ariza a real offer. Some believe otherwise. Personally, I agree with Bill Bridges from FB&G.

I have mixed feelings about Ron-Ron, but at least I’ll know it’ll be an entertaining ’09-’10 season…


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