Coach Rambis

Posted in Hoops by minoroots on 09/03/2009
Rambis inspired Twolves logo found randomly on the net... love it.

Rambis inspired T'wolves logo found randomly on the net... love it.

Even with the recent setback with Ricky Rubio deciding to stay in Spain for 2 more years, you’ve gotta believe that Minnesota’s headed in the right direction w/ the recent hiring of former Lakers assistant coach Kurt Rambis.

As the Timberwolves’ new head coach, Rambo has already complied an impressive list of assistants to join his coaching staff—most notably Bill Laimbeer and Reggie Theus. Laimbeer has recently coached the Detroit Shock to multiple WNBA championships, while Theus did a decent job as head coach with a lousy Sacramento Kings roster before getting axed by the Maloof bros. Seriously, what more could he have done with a team whose “superstar” is Kevin Martin? Worse yet, when he’s injured for most of the season?

Good luck to Kurt Rambis. You will always keep a special place in my heart as a fellow eye-protection user during my youth bball days, when a basketball camp coach endowed me with the nickname, “Rambo.” I once wrote and illustrated a fictional basketball story book starring “Rambo” back in the 4th grade for a class project. I read it to the 1st/2nd graders and they loved it.

Bonus: funny headline from Deadspin about Rambis hiring Laimbeer – “Timberwolves Cornering The Market On Scrappy White Guys You Probably Hated In The ’80s


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