Posted in Hoops by minoroots on 09/04/2009
No basketball on TV sucks.

No basketball = sucks.

I like summer, but I hate it for one thing—lack of basketball on TV.

Last year, the Beijing Olympics was the lone saving grace. Not only didI get basketball on TV in August, but it came with the best players in the world assembled in one Godzilla-like team known as the US National Team, a.k.a. the Dream Team (or Redeem Team… whatever). And of course, you get a healthy helping of world-class athletes competing in 65489 different sports (although a gold-medal in “shooting” doesn’t sound as impressive as, say, decathlons).

But this year—absolutely nothing. The NBA off-season has been somewhat interesting with some semi-big names changing teams (VC, Artest, RJ, Shaq, ‘Sheed, etc.), along with some yet to decide where to go (David Lee, Iverson, Boozer), but nothing earth-shattering involving superstar movement like what is being anticipated for the “Summer of 2010” extravaganza (LBJ, Wade, Bosh). Overall, the only daily news I’ve been hearing about the NBA is the “Ricky Rubio Saga” and “Michael Beasley’s Depression” and “Who Will Shaq Face Off Against Next In The Horribly-commentated-but-mildly-entertaining ‘SHAQ VS’ TV Show.” Really, it’s been a boring summer hoops-wise. At least I can watch Eurobasket on ESPN360 so I can watch Anderson Varejao and Francisco Garcia tear it up in international competition… wait, what?

Thankfully, Basketbawful was there to fill up my summer days with fine entertainment in the Livin’ Large series epic. Descriptive/nostalgic/entertainment literature at its absolute best. Definitely check it out if you ever have 4 hours to kill.


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