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Posted in Hoops, Lakers by minoroots on 09/29/2009


Media Day! Training Camp! At last, the NBA is back in action this week! Hurrah!

SO MANY interesting story lines for the 2009-2010 season… My random thoughts, in no particular order:

  1. #1 pick Blake Griffin and the finally (and hopefully stays) healthy Clippers – how much will they improve?
  2. Shaquille O’neal in Cleveland with LeBron James – most anticipated pre-game antics ever
  3. Can Vince Carter replace Hedo Turkoglu effectively in Orlando?
  4. Suns back to their running game with Steve Nash
  5. NY building their running game with Mike D’Antoni
  6. Can the Spurs & their aging stars (Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili) stay healthy? Is the addition of Richard Jefferson enough to win the West? (Probably not.)
  7. Can the Celtics & their aging stars (all of them) stay healthy? Is Rasheed Wallace past his prime? (Definitely yes.)
  8. Will Delonte West shoot somebody?
  9. Is the weed out of Michael Beasley’s system yet? Will he ever Tweet again?
  10. Will the insanely loyal Warriors fans finally turn against their dysfunctional team? (Probably not.) Will their star players betray the fans? (Already have.)
  11. Is Greg Oden a bust?
  12. Will Kevin Durant rise above “All-Star” caliber to reach “Superstar” status in 2010?
  13. Speaking of All-Stars, LeBron in the Slam Dunk Contest!! Will he be any good? Who joins him in the contest? Aren’t you tired of seeing Nate Robinson?
  14. Who gets in trouble first in Memphis: Zach Randolph or Allen Iverson? Who takes the shots between those two, Rudy Gay, and OJ Mayo?
  15. Where in the world is Carlos Boozer?
  16. What kind of shoe will Nike make for Dwyane Wade? UPDATE: “Bred” AJ XI on Wade’s feet @ media day
  17. Are Joe Smith and Josh Smith the most generic names ever to play on the same team? How will ESPN gametrack differentiate between the two? (Won’t work: Smith, J. Smith, Jo. Smith.)
  18. Will the Maloof brothers sell the Kings? Or move them to Las Vegas??
  19. Gilbert Arenas, Tracy McGrady, Elton Brand, Kevin Garnett… how well have they recovered?
  20. Is DeShawn Stevenson even more ridiculous than I thought? (Yes).
  21. Rip Hamilton and Ben Gordon in Detroit—who shoots?
  22. Did Dwight Howard’s shoulders grow even more during the off season? Is that even possible?
  23. When will the referee lockout end? Will the replacement refs be any good? Will any of them resemble Dick Bavetta or Joey Crawford?
  24. Will Arron Afflalo start in Denver? Will Darren Collison blossom practicing against Chris Paul every day in New Orleans? (Personal UCLA bias.)

And of course, the Laker story lines:

  1. How well will Ron Artest fit in with the triangle offense?
  2. Does Kobe Bryant’s aging process begin this year? How much mileage does he have left?
  3. Will Pau Gasol dominate like he did in Eurobasket this summer?
  4. Will Jordan Farmar return with a vengeance? Can he prove himself to be the long term replacement for Derek Fisher?
  5. Will Andrew Bynum play a full season? If he does, can he return to least year’s mid-season monster form?
  6. Does Phil Jackson really experiment with the ultra-big lineup of Kobe, Lamar, Artest, Pau, and Bynum?
  7. How much will we miss Trevor Ariza? (By the way, who’s his supposedly Japanese baby mama?)
  8. How long will Lamar’s Odom’s marriage with Khloe Kardashian last? Who cares?
  9. Did Sasha Vujacic REALLY cut his hair???
  10. is 11/22 really Chick Hearn night at Staples? Are they really giving away Chick’s microphone jersey replicas? If so, can you get me tickets?

Hoping the season caps off with the Back 2 Back, Championship #16 in June 2010!

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