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It’s the type of shot you’d try pulling off during a game of HORSE—from behind the backboard. Usually we try from out of bounds, but on rare occasions, it can happen in-game.

Kobe yesterday:



And what the heck, how about some Josh Shipp:


Taiko Copycats

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The president of Arashi Taiko has since contacted the current Kyodo Taiko members, and offered an apology while formally asking for permission to perform ‘Encore’. The video in question was also taken down from YouTube. I read the forwarded letter and it seemed sincere, and I thought it was a nice gesture (though, unfortunately, a bit after-the-fact). I hope the current members of Kyodo would be gracious enough to work something out with Arashi that leads to a positive relationship—maybe a joint practice or something if they can meet at next year’s Intercollegiate Taiko Conference.


…and I’m not talking about Emily’s mother-of-all-slaps to Craig’s face. This is about full-on Taiko Plagiarism.

Got an e-mail link from Yumi from Taikoproject [via Liz] to the following YouTube video of Oklahoma University’s Arashi Taiko performing their brand-new piece:

Problem is, some of us happen to be familiar with the tune… I mean veeeeerrrrrry familiar. As in this is “Encore,” which UCLA’s Kyodo Taiko composed back in 1997. As in my buddies Christine/Craig/Jason re-mixed this particular rendition. As in I was one of the first to perform the piece, back in ’07:

The similarities are uncanny… er, blatantly obvious.

Part of me is amused/flattered that the OU kids liked it enough to copy it. Taiko’s about community, and I don’t mind sharing. It’s nice to see that taiko is spreading to places like Oklahoma.

Then again, another part of me is upset that they never did seek permission. I can see why my friends who co-wrote the piece are so pissed. To us, Encore isn’t just any song—it’s Kyodo’s signature song that’s been passed down from generation to generation, for over a decade.

Maybe they did give credit to “This group we found on YouTube” before performing at the “University of Oklahoma African Student Association ‘ROOTS’ talent show”… Who knows.

But if you’re gonna copy it, it wouldn’t hurt to try asking the owners of the song for permission first.


It’s going to be a long season…

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…for UCLA Men’s Basketball.

Just watched the Bruins lose to cross-town community college Cal State Fullerton (ok, technically a state college, but not much difference) in 2OT. Two uninspiring overtime periods in which UCLA scored a combined total of 8 points.

Here’s how they scored in the 1st OT, which pretty much sums up the Bruins’ offensive production for the night:

missed 3, missed 3, missed 3, Mike Roll hits a 3, missed 3.

5-minute total: 3 points.

The Bruins shot a whopping 29 attempts from 3-point land, connecting on just FIVE. AGAINST A ZONE. Give me 29 3pt attempts from 30-feet out, and I’ll guarantee more than 5 makes. Good lord.

The fact that CSUF’s scoring was just as anemic doesn’t bode well as to the caliber of the opposition.

Senior forward and lone-returning starter Nikola Dragovic shot so horribly, he couldn’t have thrown a pea in the ocean. Jerime Anderson looked completely lost. Roll—the lone bright spot on offense with 17 points—missed on the front end of a crucial 1 and 1 at the end of regulation, which could have effectively sealed the game before the OTs ever happened.

If last night was a sign of things to come (actually, it already might as well be—they barely escaped their two preseason match ups against Concordia and Humboldt State), UCLA’s going to be in for a loooong season.

I miss Darren Collison & the gang.

UCLA fans are crying, like Ammo. Wish we had Afflalo to pick us back up...

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