Coach, Say It Ain’t So…

Posted in Life, Tribute, Video by minoroots on 06/03/2010

Update 6/4/10: From UCLA:

UCLA’s legendary former basketball coach John Wooden, who in 27 years led his teams to stunning triumphs and was just as well known for mentoring his players off the court and for his motivational “Pyramid of Success,” died at 6:45 p.m. of natural causes. He was 99. His 100th birthday would have been Oct. 14.

The world lost one of its best today. May you rest in peace, Coach Wooden…

I’ll never forget your surprisingly firm handshake at age 96. I’ll always remember the eloquent speech you gave for student athletes at the Wooden Academy kickoff. I’ll forever cherish the basketball you signed for me, along with your “Best wishes.”

You’ll be missed by many, but never forgotten. “Best wishes” to you and Nellie.

CBS News:

Legendary Bruins basketball coach John Wooden is reportedly in grave condition at UCLA Medical Center.

It’s understood that he hasn’t eaten in the last couple days and is very ill.

Can’t stomach this…

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