About Me

This is a personal / basketball-heavy web log from Southern California.

I’m a big hoops fan. Even though my game is mediocre at best, basketball has been a huge part of my life. Most importantly, it has allowed me meet so many people from a so many different walks of life, and helped me forge so many friendships over the years.

I love the Los Angeles Lakers… and don’t confuse me for one of those band-wagon riding, fair-weather fans… (although, I guess, we all have to start somewhere… but I despise those who jump on and off the wagon). My first memory of the Lakers is the post-“Showtime” era, dark ages of Laker history. Sedale Threatt ran the point and led the Lakers in scoring & assists. Their poor 1993-94 season sent them into the draft lottery. Enter the 1994 10th overall pick, Eddie Jones, who would become my favorite Laker and cement my love for the purple & gold for all eternity.

Chick Hearn taught me basketball, and John Wooden is my hoops-life coach. Many-a-nights, I would stay up listening to my cheap AM radio that I won at a carnival, listening to the “Words-Eye-View” of good ol’ Chick. Coach Wooden is my inspiration for how I would like to lead my life.

Started playing ball in 1st grade in the so-called “J-leagues”–youth basketball leagues for and by Japanese Americans. Played middle school and high school ball, making varsity senior year. Miraculously started a few games, but mostly rode the pine on a terrible team. Career highlights include a team-leading 14 points off the bench in the 4th grade, and a game-winning 3-pointer in my junior season on the JV team. Oh yeah, I also won the back-yard BBQ 2 on 2 tournament at Tom’s house. I know, I’m awesome.

But, as I’m sure many of you can attest to, even though my shots draw more iron than nylon, or though I constantly have to remind myself to go to Home Depot and get some handles, my love for the sport had never faded.

If you’re from So Cal, and a fellow hoops head, I’m sure some of you understand what I’m talking about.

As cliche as it may sound–it’s all for the love of the game, man.


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