New Kanye – Not That Great

Posted in Music, Opinion by minoroots on 11/24/2010

Critics say the new Kayne album (My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy) is “one of the all-time greatests,” but I disagree… I get that it’s supposed to be an “ambitious” and “progressive” project, conceptually—but what about the execution?

I just don’t really get the hype. I think the album is a good example of Kanye’s innovativeness as a producer, along with his deficiencies as a lyricist. I like my hip-hop/rap to be a combination of great poetry and killer tracks/beats. To me, this album doesn’t deliver much of the former.

Granted, I do like some of the tracks (Power, All of the Lights, Lost In the World), but those are mostly for the overall sound of the tracks—the words weren’t particularly moving. The album as a whole seems to be far from his best work. I prefer the likes of Late Registration and Graduation over this new release. Even 808’s.

I’m also disappointed that “See Me Now” was left off the album… I thought it was the best track from his G.O.O.D. Friday releases, and it  just ended up as a bonus track on iTunes. Not sure what the thought process was for that.

I’m not saying that it’s a bad album—I actually think it’s pretty good. I’m just saying that it ain’t the greatest hip-hop album ever to grace our headphones, and that I don’t think it warrants all of the glorifying reviews that it seems to be receiving so far.

Anyway, if this is the direction that hip-hop is headed—as some of these critics claim—then I’m not so sure that I’d want to join the movement.